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AgedCare in ChrisWeb
Aged care and Where to find information Comprehensive advice is available from the Commonwealth Government's online site: myagedcare. Go to http://www.myagedca...
PublishPluginHistory in ChrisWeb
Publishing Details Publisher: AdminUser Date: 16 Jun 2016 16:22 Dir: /home/www/foswiki/pub/publish/ URL: Web(s): ...
BulletsAndFormTest in ChrisWeb
Main.ChrisKenward 09 Jun 2016 This is some text. * This is * a * bulleted * list This is some more text
MacroTest2 in ChrisWeb
Main.ChrisKenward 16 May 2016 Here is a list of bullet points: * Bullet 1 * Bullet 2 * Bullet 2.1 * Bullet 2,2 * Bullet ...
AttributionMacroTest in ChrisWeb
Main.ChrisKenward 12 May 2016 , and
AttributionForm in ChrisWeb
Attribution Form This is a maintenance topic, used by the Wiki administrator. Name Type Size Values Tooltip message Attributes AustLII _Cont...
TestTopic in ChrisWeb
Main.ChrisKenward 05 Aug 2015 Testing Save, then Edit, then Back button, then edit xxx yyy zzz aaa then Save! 1. Edit Topic 2. Add some text 3. save continue 4....
DebtsCopy in ChrisWeb
9.1 Debts A debt exists when one person, the debtor, owes money to another, the creditor. Unpaid electricity or telephone bills, doctor's fees and credit card acc...
TestLinkingTopic1Renamed in ChrisWeb
Main.ChrisKenward 16 Mar 2016 This is a test topic with an anchor in This is anchored. Go to Anchor
TestLinkingTopic2 in ChrisWeb
Main.ChrisKenward 16 Mar 2016 This will link to the first test topic This will link to an anchor on the first test topic
ChrisTestTopic in ChrisWeb
Main.ChrisKenward 04 Aug 2015 Update: 12:25 save continue Update s c update save This is a test : ) This is a block quote! This is a link Table C...
TestPage in ChrisWeb
Main.ChrisKenward 02 Mar 2016 Change code, change ip address, save : )
MelindaSchroeder in ChrisWeb
There was a problem retrieving GENERAL 0
ChildTopic in ChrisWeb
A Test Child Topic
ParentTopic in ChrisWeb
A test parent
SpecialCharacterTest in ChrisWeb
Main.ChrisKenward 20 Oct 2015 Typing special characters: n a
TestExplicitNumbering in ChrisWeb
##. Chapter 1 ##.. Para 1.1 ##. Chapter 2 ##.. Para 2.1 Main.ChrisKenward 11 Sep 2015
WikiSoftware in ChrisWeb
FosWiki v MediaWiki v DokuWiki v JSPWiki Features FosWiki MediaWiki DokuWiki JSPWiki Change icon Y Y Y Y Export page(s) to HTML ...
ChrisTestTopic2 in ChrisWeb
Main.ChrisKenward 05 Aug 2015 A second Topic to link to!
WebLinks in ChrisWeb
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FirstBlogPostComments in ChrisWeb
#CommentDate1438914048 Main.ChrisKenward 07 Aug 2015: dsafadfadf a f
FirstBlogPost in ChrisWeb
This is a blog post!
MyTest2 in ChrisWeb
Main.ChrisKenward 05 Aug 2015 Another test to see if the new skin is picked up!
NewTopicViewTemplate in ChrisWeb
Publish this page
WebAtom in ChrisWeb
AustLII Communities's ChrisWeb web
WebNotify in ChrisWeb
* .WikiGuest * .WikiGuest example #64;
WebRss in ChrisWeb
" else="AustLII Communities's ChrisWeb web"}% /ChrisWeb
BlogPostExample in ChrisWeb
This is an example blog post. You may now delete this topic...
BlogCategory in ChrisWeb
* Interesting "}%
BlogPost in ChrisWeb
Blog posts %INCLUDE{ "ChrisWeb.BlogPost" section="%IF{ "defined display" then="" else="all" }%" poutline="%IF{ "defined outline and $outline!=''" then="" el...
BlogPostCommentTemplate in ChrisWeb
#BlogPostPrompt %IF{ "$BLOGADDON_ALLOW_GUEST_COMMENTS='1'" then=' ' }% : Include generic comment templates:
BlogPostCreator in ChrisWeb
%ADDTOZONE{ "script" id="blogPostCreator" text=" /* / "}% * * %SEARCH{ " \s.?" topic="BlogCategory" type="regex" multiple="on" casesensitive="on" nonois...
BlogPostForm in ChrisWeb
Form definition for blog posts See: .BlogAddOn Name Type Size Values Tooltip message Attributes Title text 80 Blog post title M,H A...
BlogPostViewTemplate in ChrisWeb
%ADDTOZONE{ "head" id="blogPostView" text=" .blogAddOnTitle { margin bottom:5px; padding bottom:0; } .blogPostAddOnHeaderInfo { margin:0 0 10px 0; padding:0 0...
BlogRss in ChrisWeb
%IF{"defined tag and $tag!=''" then=" "}%" else="%IF{"defined category and $category!=''" then="%MAKETEXT{" _1 blog posts in category: _2 " args="AustLII Commu...
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