Non-Disclosure Agreement - Document Assembly and Generation

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 *  Codebase: Non-Disclosure Agreement
 *  Author/Contributor: Andrew Mowbray and Philip Chung
 *  Created: 1 July 2021
 *  Last Updated: 1 July 2021

PERSON the client
THING the disclosing party
PERSON-THING the receiving party

the disclosing party needs a non-disclosure agreement ONLY IF
    the disclosing party owns confidential information or trade secrets AND
    the disclosing party needs to disclose the information to the receiving

the governing law IS "the State of New South Wales"


{the name of the client}\ 
{the name of the disclosing party}\ 
{the address of the disclosing party}

Dear {the preferred form of address for the client},

Re: **Non-Discloure Agreement**

I refer to our recent meeting in regard to drafting a non-disclosure 
agreement between {the name of the disclosing party} and 
{the name of the receiving party} of
{the address of the receiving party}. I attach the agreement for your consideration. Please contact us if there are any problems. Yours sincerely, Bloggs, Smith and Brown, Lawyers. FACT the disclosing party needs a non-disclosure agreement ATTACH REPORT AS Record of Advice ATTACH TEMPLATE AS Draft Non-Disclosure Agreement //ATTACH Jinja2 TEMPLATE AS Draft Jinja2 Non-Disclosure Agreement ATTACH DOCUMENT Letter to Client AS Letter to Client

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