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Economic or commercial rights

These are the main type of rights, and the ones which are more commonly infringed upon. In respect of economic rights, the copyright owner of a literary, dramatic or musical work or artistic work (the CA Part III category) generally has the exclusive right to:
  • publish or reproduce the work in a material form
  • perform the work in public or communicate it to the public
  • make an adaptation of the work
  • enter into a commercial rental arrangement for the work
or authorise another party to do so.

For other subject matter (the CA Part IV categories), the exclusive rights include the exclusive right to [CA ss.85-88]:
  • make a copy of the sound recording or film
  • cause the sound or film to be heard in public or otherwise communicate it to the public
  • enter into a commercial rental arrangement in respect of the sound recording
  • make a film or sound recording of a TV or sound broadcast, copy it, and re-broadcast it or otherwise make it publicly available.
In respect of printed editions of published works, the rights are limited to making a facsimile, or authorising another party to do so.

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