9.4.1 Pre-1963 statutes

Cite pre-1963 United Kingdom legislation, as well as imperial legislation, as follows:
Element Short title Year Jurisdiction identifier Regnal year Chapter number Pinpoint reference
Example Interpretation Act 1889 (UK) 52 & 53 Vict c 63 , s 1
Rule 9.4.1(a) 9.4.1(b) 9.4.1(c) 9.4.1(d) 9.4.1(e)  

Eg Interpretation Act 1889 (UK) 52 & 53 Vict c 63, s 1.

(a) Short title

Give the title of the Act, retaining the original spelling.

(b) Year

Following the short title, give the calendar year in which the legislation was enacted.

(c) Jurisdiction

Use the following jurisdiction identifiers:

Parliament of England (pre-April 1707)

Parliament of Great Britain (May 1707–1800)

Parliament of the United Kingdom (1801–)






(d) Regnal year

Regnal years are indicated by the year(s) of reign of the monarch, the abbreviated name of the monarch and the numeric identification of the monarch in roman numerals.

A table of regnal years and abbreviated monarchs’ names is included in Appendix 5.

(e) Chapter number

After the regnal year, give the chapter number. Abbreviate “Chapter” to “c”.

9.4.2 Modern statutes (prior to the 1998 constitutional reforms)

Cite modern statutes in the same way as modern New Zealand statutes (see rule 4.1.1). Indicate the jurisdiction with the abbreviation “UK” in round brackets after the year of enactment.

Eg Pensions Act 1995 (UK).

9.4.3 Modern statutes (post-1998)

The United Kingdom now has two parliaments and two assemblies, each with different geographical jurisdiction: the Parliament of the United Kingdom; the Scottish Parliament; the National Assembly for Wales; and the Northern Ireland Assembly.

(a) United Kingdom

When citing legislation of the Parliament of the United Kingdom, cite the statute in the same manner as for New Zealand legislation using the jurisdiction identifier “UK” in round brackets after the year of enactment.
Eg Freedom of Information Act 2000 (UK).

(b) National parliaments

When citing legislation of the Scottish Parliament, the National Assembly for Wales and the Northern Ireland Assembly, cite the legislation in the same manner as New Zealand legislation.

It is not necessary to use a jurisdiction identifier, as this is included in the statute title. Note that Northern Ireland generally indicates the jurisdiction before the year whereas Scotland and Wales generally indicate the jurisdiction before the word “Act” or “Regulations”.
Eg Judiciary and Courts (Scotland) Act 2008.
Eg Financial Assistance Act (Northern Ireland) 2009.
Eg Beef Labelling (Enforcement) (Wales) Regulations 2001.

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